10 Dec 18

capelli fai da te

Meglio un servizio in salone, anche se non perfetto,
che un lavoro "fai da te" a casa.
È vero che forse è costato qualcosa in piu ma... anche solo il fatto
di aver ricevuto qualche coccola, giustifica la scelta
di andare dal parrucchiere. Troppo spesso il "fai da te"
fa cattiva pubblicita a tutto il settore della moda-capelli.

10 Dec 18

Ulises Mesa


URBANPART is inspired by urbanites, “street” people, millennial women who prefer to collect experiences than properties, who believe in collaborative economy, who are more demanding and selective with the management of their free time and prefer to live where they can walk or use a bike to get to their jobs and homes. Women who want to look beautiful without the need to disguise themselves, choosing casual and fresh looks for day to day, looking for a current image, uncomplicated, but masterfully taken care of. URBANPART is a tribute to our student girls, athletes, workers, who enjoy leisure, women who come on strong, well prepared, who will leave behind the dark times of patriarchal societies.

Collection: Urbanpart
Ph: Esteban Roca
Make-up: Manuela Gimenez @ Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz
Stylist: Esteban Roca


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